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BE AWARE…Fake Florists

When you Google flower shops, you get a list of flower shops in the area you are sending flowers. Unfortunately, some of them are not actually flower shops but on line order takes. They will take your order, then pass it along to a real florist to fill after they take their own cut off your order amount. They offer special deals like free delivery if you order through them but they are not delivering your flowers.

They then call a flower shop in the area and put the order through at a reduced rate. Once the flower shop deducts local taxes and delivery, there is even less of your money left over for the actual order.

What you thought you were getting is either something totally different or much smaller than you had anticipated.

You can avoid getting caught up in this by ensuring that you check for an actual local phone number and address on the flower company you choose. These type of companies generally pay a great deal of money to be first on the google page and do not have information on their whereabouts listed on the page.

Either call your florist directly or shop their official website for more of a visual selection but be sure that they are a local company. You will be supporting a local business while ensuring that your money is being spent on your order and not on a go between!

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