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Graduation Flowers

Congratulations to all of you Graduating this year! This is one of those defining moments which should be celebrated. You are on your way in your life journey and each special occassion like this one is very important. As you plan your graduation day, remember to order your corsages and boutonniere’s.

A prom corsage can be pinned to your dress but these days a wrist corsage is the most popular. The flowers and accessories usually match or accent your clothing choice. A Boutonniere is the floral design which is worn by the men. Typically, the date purchases the corsage and matching boutonniere however it can also go the opposite way. Many grads bring their dates in and they pick out what they want together.

The proper way to wear the wrist corsage is on the left arm with the boutonniere worn on the left side as well. If you are left handed, it is ok to wear it on the right arm instead though. It is up to you.

The corsage and boutonniere do not necessarily have to match but it usually looks more stylish. The  choice is yours but we can discuss the options that would work the best for your look. It does help to see a picture of your dress ladies. A blue dress might come in many different shades and we want to be sure we have the right color. Style of dress will help us determine what type of accessories would look great with it. If your boyfriend is coming alone, you might want to give him a little piece of ribbon that matches the colour of your dress.

We love to customize your flowers just for you so if you have something special in mind, tell us your idea and we will create the look. Don’t be afraid to ask!

We have many gorgeous bracelets to choose from. Most of these pieces can be kept after grad as a keepsake. Guys,  we also have some special accessories for you as well. When you come in, we will show you some different pieces and talk about anything special you might want to add in.

Flower Corsages and Boutonnieres have to look great and must hold up through your night of dancing. It is a good idea to have one made by a professional rather than trying to do it yourself. Corsages are not easy to make. The flowers have to STAY ON the bracelet and look great. They are small flowers and take time to make.

Other options are to have a flower hair band, flower necklace or even flowers for your shoes created just for you. Just let us know what you want and we will create the look! You can order any time but we ask that you give us at least 2 weeks before your grad to ensure we can get the right colors and accessories in for you.

We wish you a fantastic and safe Grad!

Laura Cadrin 




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