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How to prepare a floral budget

Brides, are you wondering how to figure out what to spend on wedding flowers?

 We are a floral design shop that specializes in weddings. 85% of our work is in bridal. Because of this, the way we manage business is different than other shops or home based businesses that do weddings to subsidize other work or are seasonal.

Bride holding glitz bouquet

In our case, we ask every bride to present us with a budget to work with instead of asking us to provide a quote to them.  You may or may not know what you would like to have in your bouquets however, keep in mind that some of those pretty flowers you see in pictures may not be available or we might be able to show you something that would work better in the bouquets and be easier on your budget.

We use different techniques than other flower shops to make bouquets that will last throughout the day without having petals falling off or drooping flowers and are proud of what we do for our brides.

A floral budget is based on the overall budget of your wedding. To start, sit down and calculate any real costs you already know along with the rough estimate of other costs. I have given you a bit of a chart to help you do this. You should be including venue, food, photographer, DJ, clothing, etc. Each category is based roughly on what percentage you think is important to you with 10% being the minimum.

You can determine where you would like your own budget to come in. For instance, if your overall wedding costs are $20,000 total, your budget for wedding flowers come in at $2,000.00 based on 10%. The number of bridesmaids and table centerpieces can move that number up or down depending on the amount or type of flowers. For instance, calla lily’s are much more expensive than a gerbera daisy as it is considered to be exotic and 2 bridesmaids is quite different than 5 to 9 bridesmaids.

You can move the budget up or down depending on your priorities and numbers. Once you have decided what you wish to spend, using that 10% as a guideline, let us know. We can then get busy and work on creating an original design for you. There is a rough chart below that covers several wedding related vendors. You can use your own total wedding costs to create your chart.

Budget Guideline Eg. $35 000 total wedding cost

Percentages Amount Budgeted based on a $3500 wedding Amount you wish to spend based on what type of services you wish to have.  Can start at 10% and go up depending on what you are looking for.   
Reception       40% $14 000
Attire               10% $3500
Flowers           10% $3500
Decorations    10% $3500
Music               10% $3500
Photography   10% $3500
Gifts                   3% $1050
Ceremony         2% $700
Rings                  2% $700
Stationary         2% $700
Transportation   1% $350


On average, a bridal bouquet starts around $350 and up while a bridesmaids bouquet averages $250 and up. Again, it depends on what type of flowers, time and labour are required. Once we know your budget, we will strive to work within it so you are not going beyond the amount you wish to spend.

Full Bouquet Photo:Shelley Van Shaik (IOB)

This year is an extremely busy wedding season for all businesses. As with all other vendors, it is important that you get your date booked for your flowers as the calendar fills up very quickly. We do not quote. We work within the budget that you provide for us so that we are giving you the best value for the amount you wish to spend. When you are ready, please give me a phone call to set up a time to start the design process.Your wedding is the most important day of your life. It is a rite of passage and la petite Jaune Fleur wants to help you have a wonderful day without the stress of going over budget on your plans. Good Luck and Congratulations!
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