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Important Questions to answer when planning a wedding


Full Bouquet Photo:Shelley Van Shaik (IOB)

Full Bouquet Photo:Shelley Van Shaik (IOB)

Weddings are exciting to plan but they can also be very difficult if you do not know the right questions to ask yourself and the potential businesses you are thinking of hiring. Here are some very important questions that will help you know what to plan for, what to look for and what to ask. I hope this will be of value to you as you move towards your wedding day!





Choosing Your Date:

  1. Have you worked up a rough budget for your wedding?
  2. Will you have many out of town guests
  3. How far will they be travelling
  4. Did you take into account when your guests can travel i.e. are they farmers? Long Weekend?
  5. Are you giving them lots of time so they can plan

Your Officiate:

  1. Did you book them before planning the rest of the wedding?
  2. Are they flexible?
  3. Will they personalize your ceremony?
  4. What are their requirements for rehearsal?
  5. Do they charge mileage?
  6. What is their fee?
  7. Have you allotted enough time for the officiate to get from one wedding to another?


  1. Before choosing your attendants have you thought of the costs associated?
  2. Have you budgeted for these costs before asking anyone?
  3. Will your venue accommodate the size of your wedding party?
  4. Are you demanding your wedding suppliers give you discounts?


  1. Have you set a budget for your gown and bridesmaids dresses?
  2. Are you giving yourself 6 to 9 months to order plus alteration time?
  3. If ordering on line, how accurate are your measurements? What happens if they come in the wrong size of the size of an attendant changes?


  1. Is your venue indoors or outdoors? Do you have a plan B for outdoor for weather changes?
  2. Do you have senior guests or guest with limited mobility?
  3. How many guests are you inviting? Did you budget cost per plate of all guests prior to sending invitations?
  4. If there is a drive from one place to another, have you discussed this with your officiate and guests in advance?
  5. Do you have a wedding planner or are you relying on the hotel planner? Have you asked them what they do for you?
  6. Have you booked the date and time of your reception with the venue prior to making further plans?
  7. What type of meal are you planning?
  8. What does the fee include ie: china, cutlery, napkins
  9. Do you have to use a specific caterer?
  10. What are requirements for liquor?

Floral Arrangements and Bouquets:

Soft Rose Classic Photo:George A (IOB)

Soft Rose Classic Photo:George A (IOB)

  1. Have you set a budget range for your wedding flowers? (Average costs of wedding bouquets run roughly $350 for a brides bouquet and $150 for bridesmaids).
  2. Have you visited each potential floral shop and asked them questions about what they can do and what their qualifications are?
  3. Will the florist assist you in choosing your flowers or do you have to know first?
  4. Can they bring in all types of flowers or are they limited?
  5. If your wedding is out of town, can the flower bouquets be made here and transported in good condition?
  6. Do you see the bouquets prior to receiving them?
  7. How do you receive your order?
  8. Have you set up an appointment to book your flowers at least 6 months in advance to ensure you can get what you want and get booked onto the calendar?


  1. Do you have a vision or are you open to suggestion?
  2. Have you set up a budget range of what you would be willing to spend?
  3. Do you want fondant or butter cream icing? What is the cost difference?
  4. Will they deliver?
  5. Can you arrange a taste test?

DJ Service:

  1. What are you hiring your DJ to do for you?
  2. Does he/she have a package to offer?
  3. Can you hire the service just for dinner or just for the dance?
  4. Did you account for mileage if he/she must travel?
  5. How many hours will they play for
  6. How do you choose your music
  7. Are you getting the person you are talking with or someone else within the company?


  1. Do you have a certain look you would like in your photos?
  2. Is there a mileage fee for travel
  3. Do they have different packages to choose from? What is included?
  4. How many photos will you receive?
  5. Do you have a certain look you would like in your photos? Check out a list
  6. Do they have experience shooting in the conditions your wedding will take place in? (i.e. outdoors, harsh sunlight, at night with little to no light, low light, mixed light etc.
  7. How many photos will you receive?
  8. What is their contingency plan should something happen to them and they cannot be available on your day?
  9. Can they provide a list of references?


  1. What type of Limo are you looking for?
  2. Do they have other types of vehicles if a limo is not viable?
  3. How is a limo charged out?
  4. Is there a minimum number of hours?
  5. What is included in the price?
  6. How many people will be travelling in the limo
  7. What style or size of limo will suit your needs
  8. Are there any packages or specials that may apply to the length of time required?

Hair and Make Up:

  1. How much time should be allotted depending on the size of your wedding party?
  2. Will they do a trial run? What is the cost?
  3. Will you be going to them or are they coming to you?
  4. Is there an extra charge for travel?
  5. Do you have a spot allocated for them to work if they are coming to you?

Wedding Planner/Decorator/Rentals:

  1. Will your wedding planner take care of all the details up to your wedding day?
  2. What type of specific services do they offer?
  3. Will they set up appointments for you?
  4. Will they come with you?
  5. Do they do the decorating themselves?
  6. If you have people to help with decorating, is there a cost advantage?
  7. How soon should you book them?
  8. Can you hire someone to just supervise all the other services?

Financial Adviser:

  1. How much does it cost to sit down with you?
  2. What kind of service are you offering?
  3. What value can you bring to me and/or my family?


  1. How far in advance must I book?
  2. What Products do you provide/price list?
  3. What about set up and take down?
  4. How long do I have the rentals for?
  5. How do I secure my date?
  6. Is there a damage deposit?
  7. Who is responsible for cleaning the products?
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