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Tips for managing your wedding guestlist

Managing your guest list is one of the single most important tasks to do. It will affect your budget big time and you should be prepared before you go further in your wedding planning.

Step 1 Break it on Down

At most weddings, the reception is around half of the budget. Think about what you want to serve. It can be anything from hors d’ovres to a buffet to a sit down dinner. Call a few places to get an idea of cost per plate and then decide on what your comfort level is per person. Now you can work out how many guests you can realistically afford to invite (including your wedding party).

Step 2 Add 20%

When planning your invite list remember that there is generally a 20% decline rate. You want everyone to be there but some people won’t be able to make it. With this in mind, you can add some people to your guest list to fill spots that will be empty because some have declined. If you cannot narrow down who to take off the list, remember that you have a bit of a cushion with that 20%.

Step 3 Share the guest list

Everyone on both sides of the family will have guests they would like to invite. You and your fiancé should create 50% of the guest list. Each of your sets of parents should create 25%. Now everyone is happy!

Step 4 Who Makes the cut

If you haven’t seen or heard from someone in a year, it is time to scratch them off the invite list. You cannot invite everyone in your life even if you want to! Everyone should be considered on this list. School friends, lunch buddies, drinking buddies, facebook friends. Come on, you can do this!

Step 5 Who are “they” bringing?

Remember, whoever you are inviting might want to bring someone along with them. Nobody wants to go to a party by themselves. Are you in a position to dictate who gets to bring someone along? Even if you are not on speaking terms with their “special friend”, you might need to be a great host and turn the other cheek.

Step 6 Hold your Own

Stick to your one year rule. Be strong and don’t bend. People can invite themselves or assume they were invited. This can really be awkward but don’t get bent out of shape. Be prepared to talk with these people and explain why they were not included. Something like…..”Thanks for wanting to celebrate our day with us. We want to invite everyone but we have to cut down the guest list to include close family and friends.

OK. You are done the hard part. You should know who is coming and what it will cost to feed them a great dinner!

Now for the next part………

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