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How Much is that Wedding Bouquet?

Sarah wedding Aug 17.13 with her BMs

I am often asked how much a bouquet costs as wedding couples are preparing to plan their wedding and cost of their services are very important to them.

I would like to share my experiences from over a decade in the flower industry. My experience is available to you to help you in every way possible have the most beautiful flowers for your wedding

Some brides spend many hours looking at pictures in Pinterest and some have favorite flowers they would like to see in their bouquets. Some brides have no idea about flowers or of what they want. Some brides have a very clear picture. However the mystery of how much a bouquet costs is of major concern.

Wedding couples really struggle with this. We are used to buying things with price tags on them. The idea of buying something without knowing exactly how much it costs can make the experience stressful.

Deciding what you are spending on your flowers is an important decision for both of you as a couple.

No bride is the same in her taste or style. For this reason, wedding bouquets are designed to fit the wedding and we custom design each look for your big day.

I want to give you the right look at the right price and in order to give you the look that you want at a fair price, we ask that you visit us and share the details of your wedding. You get to know me while I am getting to know you.

It is important to me to give you a definite price that includes everything and fits with your budget.

A flower budget will accomplish two things. It will help you establish what you wish to spend and it keeps me on  track with what you wish to spend.

I have tried to make it very easy for everyone to create a budget for their wedding flowers. On our website, under the wedding tab, we have a user friendly wedding budgeter for you to use. We created the budgeter after a lot of research and it will help you create a budget based on your own wedding.

Once you have put in the information it asks for, it will give you a ball park idea of what you could be spending. It is a great tool and will take the uncertainty and guesswork out of it for you.

The calculator is not absolute. That means there is a little wiggle room for you to adjust it up or down depending on the number of people in your wedding party, type of flowers you might be looking for etc.

When you present your budget to me, I can then help you determine what type and number of flowers it will take to create your custom bouquets. I can suggest what will work the best and look beautiful for your wedding while keeping it within your budget.

The budgeter does not include table centerpieces or speciality arrangements as every bride has her own idea of the type of vase she wants and if she wants specialty arrangements or not.

Flowers definitely set the tone for your wedding day. You want them to look great while feeling good about what you paid for them.

Please feel free to use the budgeter and it will help you create a plan for yourself. I love weddings and I want you to  have a great time designing your wedding flowers with me.

Give me a call anytime for more information or help and drop by our booth today.


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