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What does it take to be a Florist?

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Love flowers? Creative and artistic? Thinking outside the box? You bet. Those are all great attributes to being a florist. Learning your trade is the most important part of becoming a floral designer. My instructor told me that I had all those things that I just listed but in order to be a great florist, I needed to have a solid education. There are several levels that can be obtained and I learned much. How to care for the flowers so they would last longer. What they needed to stay healthy. The care and handling was not as exciting but when you have your own shop, these things become extremely important and being creative is just not enough. Once I had my training, I learned that it did not stop there. You never stop learning. You go to shows to watch some of the most amazing designers show you new trends. You go to workshops to learn new ways of doing something or get better at doing something you are not that good at. My bow making skills were never very strong and I was afraid I would fail “bow making 101”:). Learning the smallest thing can be a lifesaver or a great time saver. For Web (10)

Once you know how to be a florist, then you have to learn how to be a business. Marketing sales and every day operations can take over your time. When we moved location, trying to decide what kind of cooler, how big, how to keep it running properly became quite a challenge. Becoming a floral designer after having a different career for many years was a big change. I have had my moments of frustration, despair and hardship. But then, someone comes along and lets me do something fabulous with flowers or tells me that they are getting married and they want me to design their wedding flowers. It could be a birthday, anniversary or the birth of a child. Could be a sad occasion or a happy one. I am asked to design a floral arrangement that speaks from my customers heart and fills the recipient with feeling.

Every once in a while, I get to meet someone famous and fabulous and have some fun!   SONY DSC

Randy and LauraYes, you must start at the bottom and learn your craft but I sure wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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