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Why are rose prices so high at Valentine’s Day?

Why are rose prices so high for Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Arrangements

Valentines Arrangements

So many people ask this question thinking that flower shops put up the prices so they can make more money at this busy time of the year. This is the real story and it all has to do with supply and demand.

Growers need to pinch back their crops in order to time them to be ready for mid February. This leads to a period of lost production and income for the grower, which they recover by upping the price of the next crop. The amount of labor to harvest all these roses triples for the Valentine’s Day crop. These extra labor charges are also passed along. The short days and cold temperatures add to the energy costs needed to produce premium blooms.

Transportation costs also increase. Most of the roses used today in the US and Canada are imported from Ecuador and Columbia. There is such a high demand for the holiday that there is often not enough time to wait for a return load and cargo planes return empty to pick up the next shipment of roses. The additional freight needed to move all these blooms is reflected in the price.

A real local florist is ordering their roses several months ahead of time. We try to bring in the best performing flowers. We must pay a higher price for them and so must bring up our prices as well. A reputable florist can’t offer a deal on roses on Valentine’s Day. A place that does has probably bought the seconds or thirds that no one else wanted to take because of their quality, or is a large chain store that can negotiate price based on their buying power.

We hope that you will order from a local business and not from an online store. You will notice a local store always has a local address and phone number.  The order takers that are listed at the top of Google are not local and will automatically take money off the top of your order and send it to a local flower shop to try to fill for them at a lower price. They may offer free delivery, however a small shop must pay their delivery drivers not to mention gas and vehicle maintenance.

When comparing prices, it is important to know what you’re buying. The price of a dozen roses will vary based on the rose variety, design style and the level of service. For example, long-stem roses arranged in a vase and delivered to your sweetheart’s doorstep will cost more than an unarranged bunch of medium-length stems. Most of our customers find the added services and superior quality to be well worth it.

In our busy lives, it is easy to forget those people we cherish. That is what makes Valentine’s Day so important. Flowers are considered the most romantic gift to give. They communicate the admiration, attraction and love you feel for that special person. Our creations of love will express what your heart wants to say. Call us, Drop in or order through our on line floral gallery to pre-order “A Dozen Kisses” and other valentine floral gifts.

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