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Are you looking for a quote on Wedding Flowers

Are you looking for a wedding floral quote?

As florists, we are often asked to quote a bride on how much a bouquet would be to make. We are shown a picture and asked to give a price. It is important to understand why we ask what your budget is. Many times, the pictures you show us have flowers that are not in season, have to be bought in certain numbers or are not flowers that are good for wedding bouquets.

Pinterest is a great way for brides to start getting some idea of what they like but it can be a big disappointment when they find out what the real cost of those magazine flowers cost.

Every bride is working with different colors and styles and as florists, we must order in your flowers separate from other brides. We then have to work out how many bundles of flowers it will take to do your wedding flowers. It works better when we know how many people are in the wedding party as we can then figure out which bundles will be the most cost effective for you.

If you show us a picture and we are quoting on the picture as we see it, your wedding flowers could be fairly expensive. As florists, we understand this and want to ensure that we are giving you beautiful flowers that are within your budget.

When we have a budget, we can work with you to come up with a design for your wedding flowers that you will love and the price will be something that you will be happy with. You don’t have to show us any pictures. Let us show you beautiful flowers that are within the price range that works for you.

La petite Jaune Fleur has done extensive research and have designed a flower wedding budgeter that allows you to calculate a price range between 10 to 30% which is the industry standard for wedding budgeting.

Once you have inserted the information (real or estimated) the budgeter will give you the range you can expect to spend. From there, you can decide what is most comfortable for you. From there, we will sit down with you and show you beautiful flowers that will work within your price range, color and style.

It is simple and very effective.  You will not be disappointed and your florist will not be frustrated. Let us work with you to design wedding flowers that you will love and the price will make you happy!

Call us today and we can get started!

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