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Preserving your Wedding Bouquets


teal-round-bouquetMany wedding couples would love to keep their wedding bouquets as a keepsake after their wedding. However, flowers do decay so preservation can sometimes be tricky. There are several methods you can take to help preserve your flowers. The least complicated is to dry or press your flowers first then look at different ways to store them.

Air drying your flowers is a simple process that does not require a lot of work, although it can take a long time. Simply hang your bouquet upside down and let them dry. Choose a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Normally, it takes around two weeks for flowers to air dry but could take longer in a humid environment.


Silica Gel can also be used. It is a more difficult process but the gel will help maintain a bouquet’s size and colors. Silica gel is a sand-like substance you can purchase at a local craft store. If you are a do it yourself person, this might be a project you would like to try. Your flowers should dry in 2 to 6 days. When you finish the drying process, remove the flowers and gently dust off any extra silica gel. The flowers may lose some color during this process.


img_20160209_193126Freeze Drying is method in which a bouquet is sprayed with starch, which helps preserve color, and then baked in a freeze dryer. This is by far the most expensive option as you’ll have to pay to have it done professionally. However, if preserving wedding flowers is important to you it might be a good idea to budget for professional freeze drying. While the process can take two or three months, it generally causes the least damage and discoloration to the flowers. Many florists have discontinued the process as it is quite time consuming.


Frames and Shadow boxes are a great way to keep your dried flowers and can help prevent decay. Combined with other wedding memories such as a wedding gown, invitations or special memories, they can be displayed in a creative way. Frame stores are a great place to source the right frame or box.


Whatever you decide on, choosing the flowers that are easy to press or dry is key. Roses are one of the easiest types of flowers to preserve. When you meet with your florist to plan your wedding flowers, he/she can help you determine which flowers work the best for preservation.

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