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"From your Heart... To Theirs"

Why couldn’t I stay at home today

We all have days when we wish we did not have to go to work. We could just stay home and enjoy the day. Today was one of those days for me but i knew that the store would not run itself so in I came. Part way through the morning, a very distraught lady came through the door. She had just lost her sister and was not able to go home to be with the rest of the family. I arranged the flowers that would be wired to her city of birth and then we spent a long time just talking. When she was about to leave, she told me that she felt really good and she was grateful that I had been there for her. After she left, I started to think about her words and realized that over the course of 14 years, I have taken many calls both happy and sad. That I have had people come into the shop to order flowers for many different types of occasions. I have had young men who are going to propose to their girlfriends and need advice on what to say. I have had people walk in that were in need of help that was not even related to flowers. I have helped those people who have been away for a while and cannot find a flower shop open at the time they were getting back and I have met them at the shop so that they could take something special to their love one. I have excited or very stressed brides that need a few minutes of peace away from a hectic day of getting ready for a wedding.  I have had those couples who I had done their wedding flowers bring their new born babies into the shop for me to meet. I was once even asked to be at the hospital with one couple who were having their first child and did not know anyone else at the time. Each person that comes into the shop comes for an important reason. I am really blessed that I am there to help them, council them and be a friend when they need one. I wished I could stay home today but instead, was given the gift of being there for someone in need. I has been a really good day!

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