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Do you know how your comments affect the livelihood of others?

I have been in the business of flowers for the past 14 years. I really love that I work with such beauty and am able to help people express their emotions through flowers. Every day I wake up and look forward to work, even on those days where I might be feeling under the weather.

Out of all that we do here, weddings are the most difficult. There are many hours that can go into creating beautiful bouquets for our wonderful wedding couples. What I find difficult though is the comments I read from people who have no idea how difficult and time consuming it is to create each bouquet and floral centerpiece for a wedding.

Facebook is generally an open forum for people to write whatever they like and I have no problem with most of it. My peeve is that people write things that affect the livelihood of others without thinking things through.

For me as a florist, seeing posts that state that creating florals is an easy job and requires no particular talent, can be hurtful in that I know how false that statement is. A florist is trained in his/her craft just as anyone in a trade. We learn about all aspects of flowers and how so many things can affect the longevity of the flowers if not done correctly. We are trained in the supply train of flowers from the farms that grow them, pack them and ship them to the temperatures they must be kept at, which flowers can be mixed with others without killing one another. We learn how to handle the flowers and how to properly create the finished product so that the form is correct and the flowers compliment each other. We learn how to ensure boutonnieres and corsages do not break in the middle of a hug. We learn different types of floral techniques to bring those arrangements to life.

It is true that you get what you pay for. Comments that a florist takes advantage of a wedding and raises their prices to take advantage of their customer is very unfair. Our prices are always based on the cost the growers demand, the transportation costs, the way the flowers are transported and what the suppliers charge. A small shop pays much more than Costco because they have a large number of stores which gives them much more buying power. We must pay our staff, and feed our families just as everyone does. The time that we put towards writing quotes, talking with potential wedding couples and getting the work done must be worked into the price we charge back to the customer. I appreciate those clients that look for quality and understand that we make our living the same way they do.

One other peeve I have is when someone asks for recommendations for a florist or any other wedding vendor, people who respond often do so commenting that so and so “is the best”. My question to them is how do you know? Have you done business with all the other businesses and know what each one does? What criteria did you use to determine why they were better? I have seen other businesses do this as well and I am shocked that they would do so. Above all, as a business, you know how difficult it is to survive and although you might have worked with a business and enjoyed doing so, other businesses are deserving as well. The wedding business community in Red Deer are amazing businesses. When we stand together, we are united and strong for those customers we serve.

In conclusion, we all need to strive to respect one another. To recognize that the cost of products we offer are worked out according to what we require and that no one is trying to take advantage. What one person believes is a fair price might not be what someone else is looking for. That asking for cheap or reasonable prices is offensive to businesses that know they cannot go any lower because they have to pay their employees a fair wage, keep the lights on and feed their families. After all, we are all in it together!



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