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If you are hiring businesses for your wedding, this is a must read.

Weddings are such an exciting time. They certainly are a huge right of passage for us. Going from one family and starting our own with someone we love is certainly worth celebrating. There are a million things to do and of course we need help with everything from budget planning, timelines to get everything done and of course, the wedding services that provide everything we will require for our special day.

I am sure that if you happen to be on any of the wedding pages on facebook, there are people who ask for recommendations of businesses and there are also lots of people who are advertising themselves and their services there as well. It is a great place to start looking for a photographer, florist, make up artist etc. but BE CAREFUL! Hiring the wrong person could cause things to go wrong quickly.

Many people love the idea of a wedding and want to be a part of your day. I see them commenting that they had a great wedding and are very creative or organized and now want to get into the wedding business themselves. Or they are just starting out and want to get weddings under their belt. Everyone should have the opportunity to follow their dreams but certainly not at the expense of those people who are planning their big day and are expecting an amazing cake, pictures they can keep as memories or thoughts that they had a great time dancing the night away to a DJ who was a real professional.

As a consumer, it is important for you to take the time to check on the businesses you are thinking of hiring. The person who recommended a business might have loved who they hired but that does not mean they are going to be great for you. Personality issues, skill levels and just meeting your expectations could make a difference for you. Someone might charge a lot less however, if they do not have the experience or skill set to do the job properly, you can certainly end up getting what you pay for. A skilled and trained photographer understands what type of lighting is required to get the best shots for you. A florist ensures that your flowers have been properly hydrated prior to using them. Gasses can affect flowers and a properly trained florist knows everything about their flowers and how they are being cut, transported and treated even before receiving them into their shop. A certified cake baker has a kitchen that has been inspected on a regular basis to ensure your wedding guests don’t end up sick. Their skill in fonts, sugar decoration and composition make the difference in not only how your cake will taste but how it will look throughout the wedding until it is consumed.

Great wedding businesses will never back out on you at the last minute or tell you they did not get your alterations done on time. Be sure to ask them good questions when you are talking with them. 1. Are they trained or certified? Look at their certificates which they generally hang proudly. 2. Are they licensed? Any business practicing in a city and taking money for their services must be licensed. Don’t let them tell you otherwise. That license is important. If a business fails to follow through or suddenly closes, there is a way to track them down and hold them accountable. 3. Ask for their portfolio so you can look at their work. Check their websites. Look at their reviews. Ask for a cake tasting or walk into their flower shop and take a look at their everyday work. There might be a charge for it but you will get to experience it first hand. If they are working at home, make sure you see their inspection certificates or their level of training.  Look for their cooler. Is your DJ well known and respected in the area?

Weddings can be more expensive than you were expecting but that is because of the level of professional you are hiring and what they can do for you. Take the time to check them out properly. If you book a year ahead, it gives you time to start setting money aside to pay for them at a later time. Take time to prepare a budget for each service. la petite Jaune Fleur carries “Here Comes The Bride” which is a great wedding planning book written for brides in Alberta. The workbook helps you by providing rough budget numbers to work with, things to do in a timely fashion, questions to ask potential vendors and write ups from local businesses that will help you understand what you need and why.

Be smart. You are getting married. From this point on, you will be budgeting, planning and hiring the right person with the training and background to get the job done for you. Start off on the right foot and make sure you are doing the same for your wedding!

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